Monday, July 9, 2007


So, finally I'm running a contest for Fortune's Fool, an anthology I'm in with Bianca D'Arc, Selah March, and Cassidy Kent.

Here's da Rulz.

One person to comment on this blog will win a free copy of the e-book by way of random drawing by my youngest Hatchling. Not that that isn't a great prize in itself *g*, but wait, there's more!

Once you've read it, post a line or two abut it on your blog (love it or hate it!), e-mail me the link and I will put your name in a drawing at the end of the 5 week contest, to win a one of a kind, hand lettered, hand painted erotic love letter written to the lover of your choice. This will be made and signed by me. (I'll post up the background soon) Once your name gets picked, I'll need you to fill out a small questionnaire (nothing graphic, just like your favorite vacation spot together, first date, etc.) and I will send it out as soon as it's done.

I am going to run this contest for 5 consecutive weeks, so five people have a chance to win.

Let the contest begin!

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