Thursday, April 6, 2006

My Kiddos New Groove

This is the new music the kiddos are now listening to. And being a former deadhead myself, and once thinking of becoming Jewish, I absolutely love it.

They found him on MTV Wakeup, which they watch while getting ready for their day.

The one thing that I've noticed as a parent of a teen, and a tween (which makes me completely stupid, I promise- not just in their eyes, but I seriously have had every idea I had as a parent bashed these past few years) so anyway, I've found that if there are a few things we can relate on things go better. My son loves music. When I'm not drinking heavily because otherwise I'd kill him, we have alot of fun with music. Now as far as it is concerned, he doesn't like stuff like Marylin Manson, but he found The Steve Miller Band, and finds KC and the Sunshine Band highly amusing. So it's more than bareable. I introduced him to Pink Floyd, and The Who. He wants to somehow activate Boris the Spider to his door opening. So, Matisyahu is great. Go buy it.

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